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Our unique decoration sets (and the talents behind them)

While working on our interior design projects we collaborated with many talented local artists from Copenhagen and Denmark: their beautiful creations really added a unique touch to our interior designer’s work. We wanted to go further, so we asked ourselves: how can we make these products more accessible to everyone? How can we help people to use them in the best way to decorate their homes?

Welcome to my Home Tour!
One of the decoration sets we've created

The Concept

Just like this, our Decoration Sets online shop was born: our interior designer Beatrice combined these beautiful creations together to offer pre-styled decoration sets that any person can buy to decorate their home in a stylish and effortless way.

The 4 decoration sets available on our online boutique are compositions you can use to decorate shelves, cabinets, or window sills, with creations from small local artists and artisans, chosen with care and composed with love by Beatrice.

Since the beginning of the conception, we wanted this project to be in line with our values of accessibility and sustainability. Let us tell you how we did it.

My color palette, inspired by Earth
The values we respect in every project

ACCESSIBILITY: The value we offer

Our decoration sets help people to decorate their homes by removing the hassle of finding the right combinations of colors and shapes, making home decoration and interior design easy for everyone.

💡You have a beautiful, but empty shelf? 💡

In just one step, you can decorate it with local products you can’t find anywhere else

SUSTAINABILITY: The talents we support

On the other side, we support small studios and local artists helping them to boost their visibility and sales. And they are such a source of inspiration for us too!

While working with them, we got quickly immersed in their beautiful worlds of art and creation: we felt the passion and the human touch behind each of the products we selected. Let us tell you something more about their beautiful stories right here!

Each single artist and product is different and unique, and when put together they really do create a small art exhibition 🎨

The Moods we created

The full beauty of each unique creation is unleashed when they are all combined in the right way. This is where the talent of our interior designer’s Beatrice came into play: she imagined 4 different moods of a day and translated them into colours and shapes:


Each deco set has its own name and feeling, but they can be re-combined again and again: at the end of the day, you can be an artist too 👩‍🎨

Interior design service

Did you enjoy this article about our special decoration sets? Let us know in the comments below! And if you want your home to feel a bit more special, go shop now 🛍️

Article written by Kine & Lilly, Co-Founders. Discover more about us.

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