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Our Interior Designer's Home Tour

Have you ever visited the home of an interior designer? Probably not. Well, let me show you mine! I'm Beatrice, Unika's interior designer, photographer, and stylist. As I spend most of my days working around colors, spaces, and lights, it's essential for me to live in a home that reflects my passion and taste in every detail. It's not only where I live: it's where I can freely be and express myself every day. Join me for the home tour!

Welcome to my Home Tour!
Welcome to my Home Tour!

My home's style and color palette

My home is a mix of Scandinavian and Mediterranean styles.

Coming from a south European country it feels comfortable to follow my original roots - it feels home and safe. This is also a reason why I am not afraid of using colors in my apartment and add some statement pieces. I have been growing in a house in the north of Italy where colored walls and deco were predominant. At the same time, when living in Copenhagen and working for a Danish brand for 3 years, it comes naturally to be inspired by the neat and fresh Danish design and incorporate this into my home.

The color palette is inspired by natural elements of the earth like beige, green and red earth, with some touches of pastel colors too.

My color palette, inspired by Earth
My color palette, inspired by Earth

The best corners of the house


I love this space because it's the most illuminated by the natural light during the day. It is also the place where I spend most of the time. I put a major effort to make this area more comfortable, welcoming, and functional! The style I chose is Scandinavian & Mediterranean, mixing colorful elements with simple shapes.

The Dining Room
The Dining Room

The highlight of this space is the Dining area, decorated with a light wood dining table bought second hand, a stunning velvet bench from House Doctor (bought during a lucky Black Friday), and a beautiful red earth pendant made by UMAGE. Together with these, I have collected some vintage chairs which were going to be thrown away. I thought they looked very nice so I renovated them and used them as dining chairs!


I love this space because it makes me feel zen and peaceful. I decided not to over-decorate this room but leave it as clean, bright, and simple as possible. I love spending time in the morning on the weekend reading a book enjoying the morning sunlight coming in at 10 am and creating beautiful shadows in the walls and on the sheets.

The Bedroom
The Bedroom

The highlight of this space is my side-table with some objects I collected during my trips to Thailand, Toscany, and a memory from my father. The table lamp is a second-hand piece bought during a trip in the north of Sjælland.

Work station

I love this corner because it's the place where I can get creative and work with my hands, or take a break from all the digital devices that keep me busy all day long. I have been working with clay since I started high school but lost this hobby for many years. One of the positive sides of the 2020 lockdown for me, is that I re-discovered ceramics and I am still doing it today!

The Work Station
The Work Station

I wanted this area to feel like a place where I can leave things untidy unlike the rest of the apartment: the place that gives the feeling that someone is creating, brainstorming, and creating again. I got two table stands from a friend and bought a simple tabletop in size. It’s pretty easy, right? The rest is your mind just being creative!

My favorite deco objects

The Stone

I found this stone during my time spent in Greece at Christmas. The only thing we were allowed to do was taking walks by the beach and when I saw this piece I instantly fell in love and hoped I could bring it home with me. I love it because of the wild texture and pattern that nature creates!

The Maroccan Jar

I bought this jar in Morocco, one of my favorite countries. I entered this shop and this little jar was buried with papers and other objects. It surely got my attention! I love the colors of it and the fact that it’s a very ancient piece from a little local shop, very traditional.

The Wall Deco

I received this piece from a friend of mine. She’s a designer and lives between Italy and Holland. It's a decorative element I've had for many years, and I love the combination of colors it creates. It also comes from the hands of an artist I admire a lot. It's my source of daily inspiration!

My favorite pieces of decoration
My favorite pieces of decoration

Did you enjoy this special home tour? Let us know in the comments below! And if you want your home to feel a bit more like yours, feel free to contact us via our website.

Article written by Beatrice, Co-Founder, Art Director & Interior Designer. Discover more about us.

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